The highest standard! IKAHE sanitary testing laboratory has been approved by CNAs successfully!

Release Time: 2022-11-17 17:51:40

On January 7th, Zhejiang Province Department of economy and information technology released the 2019 list of “Made in Zhejiang Boutique”, the smart toilet K81  developed and produced was successfully selected in the list ,it is worth mentioning that the machine K81 is an  unique intelligent sanitary ware product among the 269 products selects this time,it became the spokesperson Zhejiang smart sanitary ware with first class technology and quality ,and enjoy the relevant policy of”internet+government procurement “ 

According to information, “Made in Zhejiang Boutique”aim to further promote competence of enterprise technology creative ability and quality management, practically promote to reputation and market share of “Made in Zhejiang” product, the declare product must to be meet national industry policy and the focus of the transformation and upgrading of traditional advantageous industries .Besides the high screening threshold for selected products, it also strict requirement on the production enterprise itself, It is required that the company's own production technology and equipment level are in a leading position in the country, and the product quality and main technical performance indicators are at the leading level of similar domestic products or even higher international levels.

As China’s smart toilet industrial cluster belt, Zhejiang  province has influencing the development of the entire smart toilet industry. Taizhou is the hometown of smart toilet, As smart toilet product, Yihe Sanitary Ware is the only smart ones that are selected as the “Made in Zhejiang Boutique”in 2019, the products can be seen in the application in innovation technology, and the company’s product production management capabilities cannot be underestimated in the entire domestic smart toilet industry.

In terms of corporate transformation,Yihe positively responds to development  of the times and change the production mode, it is the benchmark unit of “integrate it application with industrialization”, it has established the  digital visualization factory, It has a fully automatic production line with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million sets.  In terms of product quality testing, Yihe has established a national testing laboratory accredited by CNAS. The products have passed hundreds of testing items and tested in units of 10,000 times. They have successfully passed Japan's SIAA antibacterial certification, US UL, CUPC certification, EU CE certification, etc.

The successful selection of the “Made in Zhejiang Boutique” in 2019 is an affirmation of Yihe Sanitary W are, and it is also a spur, and a responsibility for the development of the industry. Yihe will do its own “hard” while driving the entire industry in technology , develop in a healthy and safe atmosphere, lead by example to create high-standard manufacturing in Zhejiang, and become a domestic and even international first-class smart toilet service provider.