Smart toilet change digital health care experience

Release Time: 2022-12-01 16:11:15

Digital health is attracting record levels of investment in products such as smart toilet seats. In the U.S., the average size of digital health financing deals has doubled since 2019 to $39.9 million.

Smart watches can be worn in real time for sports wear, blood oxygen level, body surface temperature and sleep mode. .These individuals have provided medical care to the healthcare industry.Many company and doctor joined this health evolution.Every person deserve better solution in bathroom,the ikahe smart toilet and smart bidet seat show their outstanding performance and price.

Our pick:


With a three-temperature heated seat, adjustable water temperature, warm air dryer, auto rinse and multiple nozzles,multiple washing models and massage models for a unique cleaning experience.

The heated seats are coated with an anti-fouling glaze that has antimicrobial properties. Through the wireless remote control, users can adjust the water temperature and water pressure and position of the bidet, with front and rear cleaning functions.


Budget pick:


Suitable for most elongated toilets,this intelligent electric bidet seat will meet those people who want upgrade bathroom experience with limited equip a white plastic side control panel and remote control option,so that people don’t have to turn around to check how to opera function.

The night light function is convenient for families with elderly and children, preventing them from slipping, wrestling or bumping when they get up at night.