◆  Control Method: Remote Control, Infinity Knob, Foot-kick
◆  Flushing Volume(L):  <4L
◆  Pit Spacing:  305mm/400mm
◆  Installation Type:  S-trap, floor mounted
◆  Flushing Mode:  Siphon jet flushing
◆  Heating Method:  Instant water heating
◆  Product Size(mm):  685x400x470mm
◆  Base Material:  A-class Ceramic
◆  Lid Material:  Fire-proof & anti-bacteria PP material



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  Function List:
Model 07P 07S 07M 07G
Remote Control
Knob Control -
Foot-Touch Control
Auto-Open Lid(Radar Sensor)
Heated Seat (3 Levels Temp.)
Soft-Close Damp
Rear Wash
Front Wash
Massage Wash
Instant Water Heating
Water Pressure & Temp. Control
Nozzle Position Control
Self-Clean Detachable Nozzle
Dryer (3 Levels Temp.)
Dryerplus (3 Levels Air Speed)
Rinse Bowl While Sitting
Independent Flush Power
Water Filter
UV Sterillizing
Self-Clean Coating
Night Light
Circuit Protection
Fire-Proof Material

    ● means the model has this function
    ○ means the model can add this function
    - means the model doesn't have this function


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