◆  Shape:  Elongated
◆  Material:  Anti-bacteria PP material
◆  Hinge Type:  Soft-close hinges
◆  Heating Method:  Instant water heating
◆  Installation:  Quick release installation
◆  Seat:  Heated Seat (3 levels temperature adjustable)
◆  Washing: Multiple washing models and massage
◆  Product Size:  520x445x100mm


  Function List:
Model F1L525 F1L535 F1M525 F1M535
Remote Control - -
Side Panel Control - -
Instant Water Heating
Rear Wash
Front Wash
Massage Wash
Rear Wash
Front Wash
Massage Wash
Water Pressure Control
Water Pressure & Temp. Control
Dryer Plus ((3 Levels Air Speed Adjustable)
Dryer (3 Levels Temperature Adjustable)
Heated Seat (3 Levels Temperature Adjustable)
Dryerplus (3 Levels Air Speed)
Soft Close Seat And Lid
Seat Sensor
Night Light
UV Sterillizing
Detachable Wand
Self-Cleaning Wand

    ● means the model has this function
    ○ means the model can add this function
    - means the model doesn't have this function


  Product Size & Installation:




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